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Pedersen Bicycles



recent stolen bike page here

the German distributor and source, at

other Pedersen love affairs and a detailed history,

going to Copenhagen? Be sure to visit Christiania Cycles, home of the Copenhagen Pedersen since 1978.

Michael Kemper also builds Pedersens. Some of the details are different, but it is still a Pedersen. Visit

Carla and Ray's site, the Dutch Pedersen Society

near London and need a Pedersen? visit Velorution

the Schmidt Dynohub and lighting systems at Peter White Cycles

Full Wood fender details and more at Full Wood Fenders

A little more information about Bamboo fenders

read about the Rohloff 500/14 Speedhub at

and Sheldon Brown has an article about the Rohloff hub here

read Florence Williams' article in Bicycling Magazine about chasing a used Pedersen in Europe, A Strange and Not Unpleasant Experience

cycle the world, at the Trento Bike Pages

picture yourself riding in the Alps at The Virtual Alps

Jan Heine's Bicycle Quarterly is a great source of inspiration

the current and future state of cycling, at Peter Eland's VeloVision

a sample Design Sheet in PDF format, Pedersen Design Sheet

leather bags from Kunst und Leder

Rick has been a great information resource for city cyclists, at bicycle fixation, but the blog has been languishing

the Dursley-Pedersen Bicycle was manufactured in Dursley in Gloucestershire

some very interesting bikes at The Bicycle Forest

the website ice has an interesting graphic on the 200 year history of the bicycle, and it can be seen here. The site also includes trip reports, stories, interviews and reviews. Don't miss the pictures of the 8rad cargo bike!

an article about The Pedersen Tandem

an article about an interesting recumbent, The Chinkara

an article about an even more interesting machine, The Vacuum Velocipede

an article about my mom's bike, The Bilenky Viewpoint

a work-in-progress trip report of the 2017 extravaganza, Germany and Spain, 2017. Sorry, not ready for posting.

even Bike Snob NYC has taken a brief swipe at the Pedersen, and you can read the blog entry

Marvelous Bamboo Fenders are very beautiful

Mike has an advice-filled, bicycle-related blog, with tips and tricks at