Caution - Distinctive Style

Pedersen Bicycles



  • clean lines
  • delicate
  • elegant
  • scandinavian design
  • truss construction
  • 54 brazed joints
  • 21 joined triangles
  • rigid structure
  • combines strength
    & light weight
  • unsurpassed ergonomics
  • upright riding position
  • unique hammock saddle

The Pedersen may be the most beautiful bicycle you have ever seen. With clean lines, an elegant shape, and a structure that appears delicate and sophisticated, the Pedersen is another wonderful example of scandinavian design.

The Pedersen frame is perhaps the machine's most striking feature, and the design priciples can be clearly seen in truss construction where a rigid, load-bearing structure is desired. Pairs of structural tubes come together to form the truss which provides the anchor points for the hammock saddle. The hammock is suspended from the frame and the loads on the structure are properly met and distributed. The forces on the frame members are resolved into either tension or compression, and bending forces are virtually eliminated. Pavement as we know it today did not yet exist, and the Pedersen bicycle provided a comfortable ride over the roads and paths of the late 1890's. Patented in 1894 by Mikael Pedersen, the design is as daring and futuristic today as it was more than 100 years ago.

The simple straight lines of the truss structure are perfectly balanced by the graceful curves of the Royal handlebars. The result is a bicycle like no other. At once unique and exotic, simple yet compelling, the Pedersen can easily draw a crowd. Most observers will question the age, and some will guess that it is european in origin. Everyone will want to know more...

The Pedersen Bicycle offers a unique driving experience. The upright position is very comfortable and the hammock saddle provides a very soft ride. The typical stress on the arms and hands are virtually eliminated. First-time riders are usually surprised at the upright position and sometimes need to be reminded that there is no need to hunch over the handlebars.

Instead of trying to make your existing bike more comfortable, why not start with a comfortable bike?

the bicycle has evolved, again