Caution - Distinctive Style

Pedersen Bicycles



The Pedersen is well-suited for fenders, and the frame has eyelets and anchor holes to support all fender types. Fenders are not required but they can certainly add a bit of elegance and functionality to your Pedersen. Both SKS and Planet Bike fenders are easily installed, but there are more exotic choices.


Full Wood fenders are made by Chris at River City Bicycles in Portland. Chris does beautiful work and offers a choice of woods, such as Sepili, Zebrano, Bubingha, Maple or Walnut. He also makes matching chainguards specifically for the Pedersen. This is a great look, and a number of the bikes pictured on the gallery have Full Wood fenders.

These fenders are 3 ply, and typically have Walnut and Ash as the other 2 layers. The final product is very strong, and has a Teak Oil finish. A yearly treatment of Teak Oil is recommended. Be sure to remove any excess oil after the oil dries or the fenders will become a dust magnet and loose the beautiful shine.


Bamboo fenders are also available and will make a great addition to your Pedersen.

Produced by the Marvelous Bamboo Fender Factory, these fenders are painstakingly constructed from carefully selected bamboo laminates. The final product is 6 layers and is typically inlaid with a herringbone pattern. Absolutely stunning! And nicely finished.

Bamboo is an interesting material, and these fenders are somewhat flexible, much like the SKS and Planet Bike fenders. This flexibility means that these fenders are very robust, and are tolerant of the typical hazards inflicted on them. It will be hard to break them in everyday use.


And as far as the inlay, some variations are possible. Two center stringers creates a more complex pattern. While the edge strips and center stringers are typically natural bamboo, the inlay can be dyed a choice of colors to highlight the grain and make the pattern more visible. Personally, I think the browns and the greens are the best.

Both the wood and the bamboo fenders are made specifically for either 700C or 26 inch tires, and are available in a variety of widths.


Mounting hardware uses stainless steel brackets to attach the fenders to the frame, and 5mm aluminum rods as struts. Honjo Daruma bolts attach the stays to the fenders and the stays to the frame. Front stays are attached to the frame with P clips.


There is also a matching chainguard. However, with the herringbone inlay, anything more than a single center stringer will leave almost no room for the inlay.