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Pedersen Bicycles



The Pedersen is a beautiful bike, comfortable to ride, and is a fine example of quality workmanship. A Pedersen can be custom assembled to your individual specifications, providing many years of practical enjoyment. As your everyday ride, as a stunning work of art, or as a true conversation piece, your Pedersen will be a unique alternative.

Riding a Pedersen is certainly the best way to experience the bike, so contact me today to arrange for an extended test ride. We live in Monrovia which is in the Greater Los Angeles area, but Pedersen owners are located across the country, so even if you aren't near Southern California I can put you in touch with someone who would be willing to show off their bike.

Unfortunately, I started receiving spam e-mails from my Pedersen Bicycles address. In order to hide the e-mail address from any future e-mail harvesting robots, I have rewritten the 'here' link with a script that will create the link, and it should be visible to you if your javascript is turned on.

Enable javascript to see the e-mail link. Alternatively, you could try sending e-mail to me, dave, followed by the at sign, then pedersen bicycles with the space removed, and add dot com to the end.

You can always call me at 909-731-9888, too.